What is Computational Photography and why does it matter


We can say Computational photography is a boon for photographers; it makes amazing strides in the camera to produce better quality images. Let us see what it is and why does it matter as follows.

Computational photography is the use of computer processing capabilities in cameras to produce an enhanced image beyond what the lens and sensor capture in a snap.

It is considered as a popular method that improves the taken photo using digital software without upgrading the physical components in smartphones. That’s the reason why every manufacturer goes for software improvement rather than improving the physical camera sensors. Even the biggest smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung concentrates on computational photography features without ever drastically changing the physical camera lens or sensors.

The photo capturing can be classified into two types: physical components and image processing. The physical component is all about lens functions whereas image processing uses computational techniques to enhance phone captured pictures. The digital smartphone camera can do that a traditional camera cannot that’s why computational photography does matter. 

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